STC Optics: Clip in filters coming for the RF mount

STC Optics: Clip in filters coming for the RF mount

STC Optics creates a line of clip-in filters right now for the Sony E mount and Micro Four Thirds.  After emailing them asking them about what new mounts they will support, they confirmed to us that the RF mount filters will be coming soon.

This will allow you to slip a filter over top of the sensor, instead of having it on the end of the lens, and then it's one filter works for all your lenses, regardless of filter size.  It's especially great for lenses that can't support filters such as extreme ultra wide lenses, or fisheye lenses.  We actually use these filters as secondary filters when testing lenses that can't use the regular lens filters.  We are certainly waiting to see how the RF filters are and how they clip into the RF mount.

These filters are really popular for astrophotography but they still have applications for normal photography as well, as they have ND filters, IR filters,etc.

Check out STC Optics for more information

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