New Rumor: High Resolution EOS R in field test

New Rumor: High Resolution EOS R in field test

A new rumor surfaced that the high resolution EOS R (let's call it the EOS Rs for now) in field testing, the rumor goes on to say that they expect the EOS Rs later this year.  The rumor then suggests that the source says Canon wanted to make a splash for the 2020 Olympics, and this is what they will do it with.

The next Canon EOS R camera will have a high resolution sensor. We expect Canon to announced the high resolution EOS R somewhen in Fall 2019. We still have no reliable information about the resolution but you can expect a sensor between 50MP and 70MP.

2020 is an Olympic year and our source suggests that Canon is looking to make a splash with their upcoming high resolution EOS R model. This leaves us somewhat puzzled since we do not believe professional photographers will embrace a mirrorless camera system for their work. Not yet. On the other hand, the Olympics might be a good stage to showcase a professional, high resolution mirrorless camera, especially if it introduces some cool and new technology. 

While this camera is certainly coming, this camera wouldn't be coming out in the fall of 2020 to be a splash for the Olympics held in the summer of 2020.

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