Kolari Vision tearsdown the EOS RP

Kolari Vision tearsdown the EOS RP

Kolari Vision got their hands on a new EOS RP soon after launch, and of course, they took it apart to see what makes it tick.

In fact they found it to be a pretty good camera to rip apart.  Not sure how that influences your buying patterns, but every bit helps.

Canon went with a simple and straightforward design in order to bring current generation full-frame shooting to a bigger market, but that’s not why welove this camera. The EOS RP is the easiest to work with and most easily modifiable full-frame mirrorless camera we’ve encountered to date. We’re going to do a lot of cool stuff in the IR and UV spectrums with this body, so stay tuned.

Who is Kolari Vision? They are our preferred vendor when it comes to infrared and full spectrum camera modifications and filters.

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