Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 70-200 F4.0

Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 70-200 F4.0

Canon's EF F4.0 lineup containing the 16-35,24-70, 24-105 and 70-200 is hugely successful for Canon and we're not surprised to see this patent application which for the first time shows one of the F4.0 lenses for the RF mount.

This also looks like it may be a dual AF motor lense as well as it shows B1 and B2 as being AF focus driving units.  Unlike the F2.8 70-200, this is not an extending zoom but internal zoom lens as the total lens length is not changing as the focal length changes.  It's an RF lens because the lens back focus (BF) is considerably under the 44mm of the EF mount.

Focal Length 7 2.20 130.45 194.20
F-Number       4.00   3.95   4.00
Angle of View 16.68   9.42   6.36
Image Height  21.64  21.64  21.64
Lens Length  215.54 215.54 215.54 
BF            25.98  25.98  25.98

Also in this patent application is a Canon EF 58mm 1.4 lens, which also may feature a dual AF motor focus system.

Focal Length   57.79
F-Number        1.44
Angle of View  20.52
Image Height   21.64
Lens Length   163.89
BF             39.99

US Patent Application 20190113708


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